Ministry Expressions

Tampa is only one part of a much bigger ministry picture.

Matthew 28:19-20

Baltimore City

Paradise Community Church is more than a single church as you may understand the word 'church'. Many people think singular location focused on insiders. We are a ministry with active and ongoing ministry in several directions. One of those is in our founding Pastor's home town, Baltimore City.

We are proud to partner with The Restoration House. Birthed out of a dream to see women set free from their pasts and walk wholly into their futures The Restoration House is dedicated to helping women rebuild their lives through mindful living, self care, self awareness, faith based community and education post addiction and trauma.

The Restoration House is committed to breaking cycles and restoring women by meeting them right where they are. We are committed to see that each woman experiences their own Restoration Experience leading them to the Freedom, Grace, Redemption and Victory that is waiting for them.

Full-time missionary, Ms. Colleen Smith, has lived in the Baltimore area for over 15 years ministering to the needs of families, children, homeless, those in recovery, and prostitutes. She is our "Mother Theresa of Baltimore" and we are honored to extend our ministry in Baltimore with her amazing leadership and example.

Church Planting

As another expression of our continued local ministry to Baltimore, we have assisted in the planting of "The Gathering Church". Pastor Tyrell served as our Associate Pastor for a number of years before stepping out with a core team from Paradise. We were blessed to ordain this brother and celebrate the commissioning of this great church.

Pastor Tyrell is one of three church planters we have sent out in our history. The others were in East Baltimore and Kenya, Africa.


In 2013, after a visit by the Pastor, some Elders and members of the church, undertook a collection of projects in Kenya, East Africa. The projects were concentrated in two locations; the Kibera slum in Nairobi and the tiny community of Muhuru Bay in the western part of Kenya. From those humble beginnings, Captivate Global now has an award winning school serving over 200 students, a feeding program, medical support, livestock distribution, a community market, and many other tangible expressions of the gospel. With our local partner church (Started by a member of Paradise Community) we are seeing many people have their physical needs met and ultimately meet the One who loves them most, Jesus.