Paradise Community is the newest expression of a church family spread literally around the world.

Pastor Tally and Kristy have been blessed to start several ministries through the years that are now led by their own local leaders.

From inner city Baltimore, MD to the growing suburbs of Tampa, FL and even to Kenya, Africa God has knit us together to live and share the grace and truth of Jesus' love.

Paradise has been blessed to send out many members to start churches in Baltimore, Kenya, and now - led by our founding pastor and 18 members or our Baltimore ministry who moved with him - here in the Tampa area.

Pastor Tally and Kristy as well as our trustees believe in spreading the hope of the gospel to every person in every place. Whether it is through ministries like our inner city Baltimore "G.E.M. Program" or our top-rated school in Muhuru Bay, Kenya (founded in 2013), we are willing to do whatever it takes short of sin to reach people with the love and hope of Jesus.

Our school in East Africa provides education, meals, and wraparound care to 200 students and a strong wage to approximately 15 staff. Our inner city youth ministry feeds, supports, and serves youth from the East Baltimore neighborhood surrounding our Baltimore ministry center.

We believe love is a verb and followers of Jesus should be known for doing one thing well, love.

Beyond that, we try not make it more complicated. There are many churches better built for theological battles. There are many built better for instagram posts or for theatrical productions. We want to be known and built for love. We'll never be perfect but we'll always try to love like Jesus who when hanging out with 'sinners' once said “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” - Mark 2:17 and Luke 5:31

If that resonates with you, we'd love to have you as part of the Paradise Community.

Meet Our Pastor

Hello Friend,

My name is Tally - pronounced Tall-E but if you get anywhere close, I'll count it. The best thing about me is that I'm blessed to claim Kristy, Caleb, and Ainsley as my family.

My story began in...

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"Today you will be with me in paradise."
Jesus, Luke 23:43

Our Values


Nothing of eternal importance happens apart from prayer. We are passionate about seeking God for our next steps.


The bible is God’s revealed will for all of God’s children and we hold it to be the final arbiter in matters of faith. In all discussions of scripture we most value love.


The Gospel is the good news that every person can have new life by trusting in the perfect life, atoning death, burial, and bodily resurrection of Jesus to save us from sin. This is the good news.


Modeling a generous and gracious God, we are a generous church. We seek to honor God in being generous stewards of all He places into our hands.


We are a church of diverse people who are unified by our common dependence on Jesus and salvation in His name. We focus most on what unites us.


We seek to honor God by doing everything as though we are doing it to Him, through Him, and for Him. Perfection is elusive but excellence is our expectation.