Hello Friend,

My name is Tally – pronounced Tall-E (but if you get close, I’ll count it). The best thing about me is that I am blessed to call Kristy, Caleb, and Ainsley my family.

My story began in Baltimore, MD as the son of a single teenage mom. My formative years were spent in the southeast part of the city known as the O’Donnell Heights housing projects. By God’s grace, I became the first in my family tree to graduate high school. I would later earn a bachelor’s degree in government and a master’s degree in theology. Most of my ministry life has been spent starting new churches. I’ve been thankful to be part of launching new ministries in Texas, Virginia, and a few in Maryland. Additionally, my heart for outreach has led me to co-found an inner-city youth outreach ministry called G.E.M. (Gospel. Education. Mentoring) and a foreign mission called Captivate Global that feeds, educates, and cares for children in East Africa. Both of these ministries are active parts of our church to this day. Our ministry is beyond one location, state, or even continent.

I’ve seen God do amazing things in and throughout my life. It’s been fun. At this stage of life, more than anything, I love encouraging and equipping people to chase their own God-given dreams. I genuinely believe that we are God’s masterpiece (Ephesians 2:10). We all have a purpose and God has a plan for our lives.

Having served in ministry for over twenty years from new church starts to mega-churches, and all sizes in between, I’ve come to value honest genuine community above almost everything else the modern church has become. It is my sincerely held belief that we have made this thing called the church a lot more complicated than it was designed to be. The Christian life has become infinitely more complex than Jesus requires.

I’m a fan of my friends, my hometown teams, Rich Mullins, The Raggamuffin Gospel, cornhole, diversity, 90’s rap, modern country, classic rock, and what a community of people who love God and each other can do together.

My heart is to live every day loving Jesus and my neighbor. I always want the people I love to meet Jesus so they too can fall into the arms of His grace. The middle of God’s grace is a very freeing place to be.

Please know that God has a purpose and a plan for you to be with Him forever in Paradise. He’s made the invitation free and available to you. We’d love to meet you.

From one raggamuffin to another, welcome to the Paradise Community.

Luke 23:43,